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Historical Background

Lalitpur sub-metropolitan city, popularly known as Patan is currently one of the most vibrant cities of the kingdom of Nepal. It is located in about 5 kilometers south-east of Kathmandu. With its urban history dating back to as far as 2300 years, LSMC is one of the three major cities located inside the Kathmandu valley, besides Kathmandu and Bhaktapur... more>>

Urban Development in Lalitpur

The urban design of old city area exhibits the marvelous use of space and meticulous planning of its different urban elements well correlated with the people, building they live in and activities they perform. The presence of form and functionality within the urban elements in those days is quite astonishing. A sense of uniformity and definite pattern existed with compact building units; often built around courtyards, connected with well laid out streets and alleys, artistic façade. One finds consistency in the scale and dimensions of the buildings and its various elements. The technology and materials used in buildings and their structure are inspiring even to present day builders.  ... more>>

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